Wine! The story of our land, passion and men…!

The history of Fratelli Urbani farm begins in Lucca in 1896

About us

We are a family business running a farmhouse on the sweet hills of Monte Pisano just outside Lucca in Tuscany.
We produce natural wine and set up wine tastings while offering our guests a holiday home surrounded by vineyards, where you can relax and sip our wonderful wine.

Our holiday home

The “Magic Moments” holiday home is located close to Lucca where the city gives way to the tuscanian green hills surrounded by vineyards

In 2009 the house was renovated as a Tuscan-style farmhouse, leaving the limestone walls, wooden beams and terracotta bricks untouched.

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Our wine

We make our natural wine with the knowledge that our predecessors have left us.

Sangiovese, canaiolo, merlot, cabernet; all of those kind of grape are added to the red and white blands of our production.

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Our Tastings

We offer our tastings to small groups of people in a simple and homely environment.

You will be able to taste our wine along with some local cold cuts or cheese to best enjoy the experience of the tuscanian hills’ appetizers.

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“Between past and future”

After more than 120 years since the foundation of Fratelli Urbani’s farmhouse in 1896, we keep using the same knowledge that our predecessors have passed to us.

Who is this?

He is Massimo Urbani. This picture was taken once he returned from South Africa where had emigrated. He founded Fratelli Urbani’s business in 1896, in Gattaiola (Lucca)

Who is this?

The second generation: he is Angelo Urbani, Massimo’s son.

He managed to greatly expand our business once the first world war came to an end.

Who are these?

The third generation: these are Giuliano and Elio.

Halfway through 1950 they took charge of the business and became among the first to produce varietal wine around Lucca.

Who are these?

The fourth generation: these are Massimo, Annarosa, Angelo and Francesca.

They’re currently in charge of the business and following the successful path their predecessors had walked.

Who are these?

The fifth generation: these are Francesco, Elena, Elisa, Leonardo and Michele, the future of our business.

Wine shipping

Home delivery

We can ship our wine to your home even if you live outside of Italy. Take a look at our online wine data sheets and choose the one best fitting your tastes

Wine tastings

You will be welcomed to our farmhouse in a relaxing environment where we will show you our world the vineyard and the cellar.
You will be free to enjoy our wine tasting while taking a stroll through our vineyard or taking a seat under our pergola. Both will surely help you taste this land’s warmth too.

Our location

If you wish to know more about our activities, our wine, the delivery service or anything related to us, feel free to reach out to us using the form below. We will answer as soon as we can!



Via per Gattaiola e Meati, 55100 Lucca (Lu) – Italy


+39 329 4291474 Carlo 
+39 345 9433469 Francesca
+39 348 6608062 Massimo
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