Wine! The story of our land, passion and men…!

The history of Fratelli Urbani farm begins in Lucca in 1896

Who we are

We are a small family-run farmhouse located on the first gentle hills of Monte Pisano in Lucca in Tuscany.
We produce natural wines, organize tastings and offer our guests a holiday home surrounded by greenery in contact with the vineyards where you can relax while tasting good wine.

The Farmhouse

Where the city gives way to the first hills, surrounded by vineyards, is the “magic moments” holiday home.

The 2009 renovation left the stone finishes, wooden beams and bricks unaltered, typical of the true Tuscan rustic.

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The wines

Following in the footsteps of that ancient knowledge that has been handed down from father to son through the generations, we have always produced natural wines.

Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Merlot, Cabernet processed in purity are added to the two bland red and white of our production.

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The wine tasting

in a simple and informal environment we propose our tastings for small groups.

In the highest expression of the Tuscan hills you can taste our wines accompanied by cold cuts and cheeses produced in our areas.

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“Between past and future”

As in 1896, still more than 120 years after its foundation, the Fratelli Urbani farm continues to be the custodian of that ancient knowledge that has been handed down from father to son through the generations

Who is he?

He is Massimo Urbani returning from South Africa where he emigrated in 1896 and founds in Gattaiola (Lucca)
The Urbani Company

Who is he?

Angelo Urbani, the second generation: son of Massimo.
At the end of the First World War he gave considerable impetus to the growth of the company.

Who are they?

Giuliano and Elio, the third generation:
In the mid-1950s they took over the fortunes of the company and were among the first in Lucca to work on the production of single-variety wines

Who are they?

Massimo, AnnaRosa, Angelo, Francesca, the fourth generation: they are currently entrusted with the task of running the company, in the wake of those who preceded them.

Who are they?

Francesco, Elena, Elisa, Leonardo, Michele: the fifth generation. They have the task of leading the company into the future

Wine shipping

We can ship our wines

We can ship the farm’s wines directly to your home.
Consult the technical data sheets of each bottle, choose the ones you prefer and order them directly online

Wine tastings

We will welcome you to our company and in a relaxing atmosphere we will introduce you to our world passing through the vineyards and the small cellar.
Between the rows of the vineyard or under the pergola we will leave you free to enjoy your time tasting our wines paired with the flavors of our lands.

Where we are

If you want more information on activities, wines and expeditions or anything else, call us or write us using the dedicated form below, we will reply as soon as possible



Via per Gattaiola e Meati, 55100 Lucca (Lu) – Italy


+39 329 4291474 Carlo 
+39 345 9433469 Francesca
+39 348 6608062 Massimo
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Azienda Agricola Fratelli Urbani